Wireless house alarms

The rates of burglary in Britain are the highest in Europe, with reports indicating burglars find it easy raiding households there. It is quite obvious how burglars gain entry into different homes. Some of these criminals even boast having capability of breaching any kind of access control system, no matter how complex. Homeowners in Britain have a negative tendency of leaving their burglar alarms off in a state of inactiveness that reveals some measure of ignorance. Burglars claim that windows and doors are most often left open, which allows them easy access into homes.

How Burglars Access Homes

Statistics show that there are three basic ways of gaining unlawful entry into any premises, which are:

  • Via the front door
  • Via the back door
  • Via the garage

The above three areas have shown to be the most vulnerable, rendering many homes exposed to acts of burglary, time and again.

Front-Door Entry

An appreciable percentage of burglars, access a house through its front entrance which is possibly the most visible within any dwelling. A majority of the offenders are however skilled in their criminal practice and find it easy picking a lock. Any person who is skilled in a particular area is able to handle numerous forms of challenges. This applies especially because the individual would have gained relevant experience doing such a trade. A lot of households also get constructed using hollow wood, making them unable to withstand vast amounts of pressure. As such, burglars prefer taking this option, leading to broken doors along the process.

Back-Door Entry

A smaller number of burglars make illegal way into homes via the back door. They keenly prowl out houses hidden from the streets as these afford them better cover while performing the offences. It is interesting that statistics do not indicate the back door as providing greater advantage than the front one. Many burglaries are related closely to drugs. This happens generally because drug-takers are apparently averse to risks. Driven by the need to find satisfaction from taking drugs, they hardly find it a problem breaking into strange homes for theft objectives.

Wireless House Alarms

Another even smaller percentage of burglars enter homes illegally via the garage door and avoiding setting of the house alarm. Homeowners assume that the interior door remains quite safe if the garage door remains locked. This is not necessarily true, however. It helps for one to step up security measures for the home once aware of such burglary risks. By installing a wireless house alarm you can easily set it up in your garage as well. If you want to know more, these wireless house alarms are a good solution for your home.

Find a Locksmith Near Me to Inspect My Home

Burglars pay attention to any signs which indicate that security has been enforced at a given place. Such indicators include alarms or signs of alarms, cameras, presence of dogs or other equipment for surveillance. It is important for homeowners to put dog signs on their gates. Burglars acknowledge they first determine if an alarm system is present prior to attempting burglary on a house. Seasoned burglars spend time executing details deliberately before robbing such a home. A very large proportion of them state that they check out an alternative way of gaining entry if the house had security measures in place. For a locksmith near me click this link and ask them about their home security systems. Locksmiths near your area will have a good understanding of home security requirements.

Burglaries occur the most during daytime hours, especially in the afternoon as this is when most homeowners are least likely to be inside their homes. People need not find unusual difficulties in securing their facilities, whether these are homes or offices. It just takes hiring professional locksmiths to install the appropriate locks and other security gadgets to safeguard the property inside.