Liposuction cosmetic surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery can be done to balance your features and rejuvenate your appearance. Some of the places that people want to balance out include the chin, the ears and even the cheeks. Rejuvenation comes in the form of eyebrow lifts, eyelid surgery and facelifts.

Liposuction surgery

This can be to reduce the size of fat on the body. Procedures may include sucking out excess fat, especially from around the thighs, buttocks, and stomach. The overall effect should be to have a more proportional appearance. That is, the area of the body area in question should be proportional to the rest of the body. A good liposuction provider will closely listen to you. A liposuction plan will then be created for you.

Ear surgery

Ear surgery attempts to reshape the ear, improve its position and make it more attractive. An ear with a defective appearance can also be corrected.

The people who normally go for this options have the following characteristics.

  • They may have overly large ears.
  • They may have protruding ears.
  • They may have ear deformities from childbirth.

Some of the risks involved in ear surgery involve:

  • A resulting asymmetric appearance.
  • Bleeding and infections.
  • Persistent pain.
  • Change in skin sensation.

Facial implants.

Facial implants are designed to improve the contours of your face and provide a more proportional and attractive appearance. The most common areas where these are implanted are the chin, the jaws and the cheeks.

  • Jaw implants define your jaw and make it more distinct by increasing its width.
  • Chin implants emphasise your chin and make it project more so that it is in line with your other features.
  • Cheek implants make your cheekbones to pop. They are made more distinct, and this enhances your total facial appearance.

Nose surgery

Nose surgery enhances the appearance of your nose. It can also help to improve your breathing. It can achieve several goals.

  • Your nostrils can be made more proportional.
  • It can reduce the size of your nostrils.
  • It can reduce the size of the nose.
  • The width of the nose can also be reduced.
  • The nose can be reshaped to have a more attractive appearance.

It can also remove obstructions from your airways creating improved breathing.

The risks are similar to other cosmetic procedures. However, some additional ones in the case of this surgery include:

  • Poor breathing.
  • A hole in the nasal septum that is a rare occurrence that can be permanent.
  • Poor nasal appearance is resulting in revision surgery.

Brow lift

A brow lift focuses on the brow area. It reduces the sagging of your brows, reduces the lines on your forehead and gives your eyebrows lift.

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery cosmetic procedure tries to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, repair sagging eyelids, remove eye bags and remove the puffiness in the eyelids. It thus generally improves the appearance of the eyes.


A facelift is a surgery opted for by those wanting to remove the signs of aging from their faces. These signs could be laugh lines around the mouth, wrinkles in the cheeks and around the eyes, sagging of the facial muscles and loose skin in the chin and neck.

All of these are part of the cosmetic surgery procedures that one can get for their face. Each procedure comes with a cost, and some risk is involved. It is thus wise to consult your regular physician to guide you through the procedure that you are considering.