Do you feel stressed sometimes? Or do you suffer from constant niggling headaches, pains, and aches? Does the demand of your daily activities affect your physical, emotional and mental health? If you are experiencing any of these, then keep in mind that you are not alone.  

We are living in a highly-paced modern world where work hours are long, stress is daily on the increase, and often we are compelled to multi-task in order to finish a couple of projects within a limited time.

In New Zealand, health consciousness is on the rise. More and more people are seeking for holistic and conventional treatments to deal with a wide range of mental, emotional, and physical ailments- all these are aimed at improving their overall wellness.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that alternative health therapy in Auckland is booming, thereby contributing billions of dollars to the economy annually.

Massage therapists are occupying a primordial pride of place in this complementary health sector, and there is always a constant demand for skilled massage therapists in these areas.

Without boring you with details of history of massage, why you should engage in remedial massage We recommend you take a look at the top three amazing benefits of remedial massage which you should know.

Benefits of Remedial Massage 

The benefits of remedial massage are multiple; massage can make us feel relaxed, it can make us feel good, remedial massage have a positive effect on both our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Below are 3 benefits of remedial massage you should know.

Remedial Massage reduces Stress

Studies show that remedial massage reduces both physical and emotional stress, thereby affecting neurohormones that regulates emotions and behavioural attitudes, including decreasing cortisol levels and elevating endorphins.

Remedial massage produces a wide range of mood-enhancing benefits, improves sleep and concentration, reduces depression and anxiety as well as boosts energy levels.

If you are experiencing sleep issues like insomnia, then you should try to relax your body by getting a remedial massage today. Remedial massage can naturally and effectively promote your wellbeing, and increase your mental alertness and clarity, if you're in Albany then click here for more information or to book a remedial massage session.

Remedial Massage boosts immunity 

Remedial massage stimulates natural killer cells, boosts lymphocytes, improves lymphatic drainage, and lower levels of cytokines. It enhances the effectiveness of your body’s immune system, thereby helping it to fight diseases.

Remedial massage enhances flexibility and joint mobility

So many people are suffering from chronic and acute conditions as well as physical disabilities like cerebral palsy, arthritis, shoulder pain, general muscle overuse, stiffness, sciatica, movement difficulties, reduced flexibility and discomfort. All these complex health concerns are often caused by having muscle tension around the joints.

Remedial massage therapists like Motion Health also use physiotherapy techniques or may even recommend pilates and other stretching techniques in order to help ease tension, loosen muscles and improve circulation. These also help to reduce stiffness and pain as well as increase joint flexibility, mobility, stability, and strength. With these compelling reasons, I hope you can book an appointment with a professional remedial massage therapist in Albany and Auckland (New Zealand) right away?